Rege ~Saisei no Ubugoe~

リジェ ~再生の産声~

TitleRege ~Saisei no Ubugoe~
Original titleリジェ ~再生の産声~
AliasesRije ~Saisei no Ubugoe~
Publishers Sarang


Rosu is a sleepless city where many kinds of people gather seeking fame and fortune. Even though the city is losing its main industry, it's still bustling. It is rumored that the city makes its money by drug trafficking as well as from a secret national arms fund. Kyoichi Koga establishes a private police station in Rosu. He used to be a policeman, but he became a private detective after being dismissed from the police force. One day, Kyoichi receives an e-mail, insinuating that a bloody event will occur. He begins research on a 23-year old tragedy without knowing that it is the beginning of the present disappearances throughout the city.

You'll be able to play with four beautiful girls: 'Kaoru,' the daughter of Kyoichi's boss, 'Reika,' an executive member of a religious group, 'Maki,' a practicing magician, and 'Chihiro,' a medical student. Try to clear all the girls by going through various situations, such as pure love, rape, gang rape, and so on! This game has multiple endings. You'll be able to play with another character after clearing the first character. The story has an 'investigation part' and a 'truth part.' In the 'investigation part,' you'll go to many places and talk with many people. You have to be careful with your time because certain events happen at a certain time. As a result of the 'investigation part,' the 'truth part' will appear. Your actions in the first part will directly affect the ending! What tragedy occurred 23 years ago? Will Kyoichi be able to solve the disappearances?

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2001-09-2818+  Rege ~Saisei no Ubugoe~Fully voicedStory: No animationsEro: No animationsNon-freeCommercial640x4802 CDs


Character summary

Main character Aya
Main character Hiinatsuki Chihiro
Voiced by Asahina Yuuko
Main character Kagura Maki
Main character Minamoto Reika
Main character Takai Kaoru

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