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Pachi File


TitlePachi File
Original titleぱちFile
DeveloperSoubi Kenkyuujo
PublishersSoubi Kenkyuujo
Original game
Pachi Moso
Shops» JP¥ 2323 @ DLsite (jpn)


Here are the games included in this fun disc:

"Cosmic Man Episode 9"
This is the never-released episode of "Cosmic Man," released in October 2001. Because of the controversial title "co*c" and some other reasons, it couldn't be included in the original game. All the details of the story haven't been revealed yet, but it seems you'll be able to see four girls having sex...!

"Pachimoso" Special Shortened Edition
One day, our hero receives a mysterious package from his father in Africa. Mojita opens the package and finds his father with a completely changed image inside...
This is the follow-up story of "Pachimoso." The story begins where the previous story left off. Your target girls are: Benny, Tamao, and Miruka. What's waiting for our hero!?

"Bacha Bacha Cop"
Shoot the female cop with your water gun! The system is very simple: you move your mouse and click the button to shoot. If you successfully hit the female cop, you'll be able to see through her clothes...! Furthermore, if you continue shooting her until her clothes are soaked, she'll start taking off all her clothes. Don't give up; make her wet!! @

This is a block breaking game. Blocks consist of girls' clothes. Break the blocks and reveal girls' embarrassing parts! Do you think you've heard of this title before? Ha-ha-ha, it's only your imagination...

"Geki Kukan Ero Yakyu-ken" ("Shinpu no Oshigoto")
"Shinpu no Oshigoto" was originally released in September 2000. It was popular because of its high-quality graphics, great storyline, and exciting sex scenes. You play "rock-paper-scissors" with girls. If you win, a girl has to take off some of her clothes. If she wins, you have to take off yours. Pray for luck and see how fast you can get the girls naked!!

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2002-09-0618+Pachi File
2006-02-1418+Pachi File - Download Edition

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