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Aethyr ~Tenshi no Ryouiki~


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Aethyr ~Tenshi no Ryouiki~Explicit / Tame (14)
Aethyr ~Tenshi no Ryouiki~
Aliasesアエティール 天使の領域, Arthry
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperLove Gun
PublishersLove Gun


Ninomura Shinobu is a medical student who moves to "Rosellen Court" lodging with a lot of pretty girls around. He can't do anything with the ever-present administrator around, but there's a chance now as administrator goes to a trip. But Shinobu also suffers from nightmares that come every night...

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Japanese (1)
1997-09-2518+Aethyr ~Tenshi no Ryouiki~


Full character list

Character summary

Nomura ShinobuProtagonist
Kokubun RaichiMain character
Joujima NaomiMain character
Doumoto MomokoMain character
Doumoto SakurakoMain character
Yamaguchi RioMain character
Matsuoka HitomiMain character
Nagase YukariMain character

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Aethyr ~Tenshi no Ryouiki~

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