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Kikoku no Mori


TitleKikoku no Mori
Original title鬼哭の森
DeveloperPlatinum Soft
PublishersPlatinum Soft


A quiet town where future and past mix together. One day, a theft case happens there which would be soon forgotten if there were not strange incidents happening around it. The female teacher in the midst of the theft incident disappears, classmates start to behave strangely and mysterious woman shows up before Koichi. Gradually, but surely anomalies begin to penetrate the daily life of Koichi.

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2000-10-2018+Kikoku no Mori


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Character summary

Amatsu SaraMain character
Hikura YurikoMain character
Itsuki MikotoMain character
Kinohara NakoMain character
Miyamori AsagiMain character
Miyamori NadeshikoMain character

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