Edit history of Furifure

v1541.202018-08-08 at 01:13mutsukiFurifureSorry I misunderstood, undid it.
v1541.192018-08-08 at 01:12mutsukiFurifureI don't mean to start an edit war with a mod, but the alias is on the logo of the Japanese version, it's not just a release title. If those English
v1541.182017-03-10 at 21:18beliarFurifureReverted to revision v1541.16 Release titles must not be repeated as an alias.
v1541.172017-03-10 at 21:09ssparks31FurifureAdded English release alias
v1541.162015-06-25 at 00:24warfokiFurifuresome minor formatting
v1541.152015-05-22 at 09:49multiFurifureReverse relation update caused by revision v8322.10
v1541.142015-05-22 at 07:01venomg3Furifurechanged to cover without Copyright watermark changed description [Adapted from The following MangaGamer links link & link]/#more-9281
v1541.132015-05-22 at 06:13aexisFurifureAdded Seiyuu
v1541.122015-05-22 at 05:49beliarFurifureit's already a release title
v1541.112015-05-10 at 04:57eacilFurifurestaff linked
v1541.102015-04-03 at 07:26klutchFurifurestaf
v1541.92014-06-27 at 10:27shinnewFurifureAnime.
v1541.82013-10-12 at 00:12girlplayerFurifurealias
v1541.72013-02-01 at 05:34chipp12Furifurebc
v1541.62013-02-01 at 05:30chipp12FurifureI don't need to comment this
v1541.52011-12-16 at 03:52nananaFurifurealias
v1541.42011-11-04 at 05:36multiFurifureReverse relation update caused by revision v8322.1
v1541.32011-02-24 at 07:10soketsuFurifureHere you go, folks.
v1541.22010-08-28 at 08:57izmosmolnarFurifure[]
v1541.12009-03-21 at 09:28swiftnissityFurifureAdded details.