Sakura Iro no Amour -Imouto Amour Hen-


Sakura Iro no Amour -Imouto Amour Hen-
TitleSakura Iro no Amour -Imouto Amour Hen-
Original titleさくら色のアムール-妹アムール編-
Aliasesさくら色のアムール 妹アムール編, Pink Amour - Imouto Amour Edition
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperFind up!
Publishers Find up!


After their parents passed Kazuki and Ayano had only each other.
But when Ayano confessed she loved Kazuki as more than a brother,
he was spoken for, and gently rejected her.
Over time, Kazuki feared he would lose his sister to another man.
By the time he realized his own feelings...

... it was too late.

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