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Boku wa Bishoujo Nanka ja Arimasen!


TitleBoku wa Bishoujo Nanka ja Arimasen!
Original title僕は美少女なんかじゃありません!
Aliases「僕は美少女なんかじゃありません!」, "I Am Not A Bishoujo!"
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperFind up!
PublishersFind up!
Shops» JP¥ 1430 @ DLsite


"I lost control of my life one day.
Then I lost even myself.
Lady, I'm a guy!"

A series of misfortunes leaves puts Minato, a boy, in a subservient position under a wealthy girl named Yua who dresses him up, renames him "Mina" and enrolls him at the all-girl college.

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Full reviews

By barfboy on 2021-04-12Vote: 7
<report>Apparently I finished. It's fun but frustrating.

First off, the fun stuff. Shiozaki Minato is kicked out of his house by his father (more about that later) and is wandering the streets not sure where to go when he's picked up by Mikogami Yua. Yua finds him to be so cute that she takes him home and starts dressing him up in girl clothes, makeup, and a wig and insists he call her 'onee-sama'. He'll get to stay at her house so long as he plays dressup with her. After a few days, teaching him to act more feminine, getting him used to girl clothes and makeup. She even forces him to strip naked so she can teach him how to properly wear underwear and makes him watch her pee so he can learn to... Read more »