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Itoshii Ryuujin no Sodatekata


TitleItoshii Ryuujin no Sodatekata
Original title愛しい竜人の育て方
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMikanbako no Yume
PublishersMikanbako no Yume


Dragon family controls this country and governs over humans. Once in dozen years dragon king can peel off his scales and starts to look like a human. He wants to use this time to produce a child. A child born between dragon and human - how will he grow?

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2007-05-1518+Itoshii Ryuujin no Sodatekata - Package Edition
200718+Itoshii Ryuujin no Sodatekata - Download Edition

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Character summary

AmaraMain character
RinsuMain character
AzurasuSide character

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Itoshii Ryuujin no Sodatekata - Package Edition

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