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v155.352019-11-28 at 11:45bathhouse-ownerKazoku KeikakuThe game has well over 60k lines, so no, it's NOT medium length. Long at best.
v155.342019-08-18 at 14:55shinnewKazoku KeikakuWikidata.
v155.332018-01-26 at 23:15terios121Kazoku KeikakuSwitched PSP Edition cover to Original cover
v155.322017-02-15 at 06:58beliarKazoku Keikakurelation
v155.312016-11-30 at 15:28varioKazoku Keikakustaff
v155.302016-08-15 at 07:10wakaranaiKazoku KeikakuReverted to revision v155.28 d2#2 don't put release names into aliases
v155.292016-08-15 at 07:02shadowolf64Kazoku KeikakuAdded alias from JAST.
v155.282016-06-25 at 20:05traumatizerKazoku Keikakustaff
v155.272015-06-11 at 04:19nananaKazoku Keikakucover
v155.262015-05-18 at 15:31traumatizerKazoku KeikakuOP title fix
v155.252015-05-02 at 02:04aexisKazoku KeikakuOn second thought, the old artwork is better. Replacing with PSP cover without clutter
v155.242015-05-01 at 23:32aexisKazoku KeikakuSpecial Edition Cover
v155.232015-03-17 at 03:02wakaranaiKazoku Keikakusome cast
v155.222015-03-07 at 06:16wakaranaiKazoku Keikakusomehow overlooked this one.
v155.212015-02-06 at 23:27wakaranaiKazoku Keikakuhell of a cast to manage
v155.202015-02-04 at 11:33traumatizerKazoku Keikakucast
v155.192015-02-04 at 09:36ritamarionetteKazoku KeikakuRemoved some old screenshots to have place for some screenshots from the remake version.
v155.182015-01-29 at 21:38traumatizerKazoku KeikakuVa
v155.172015-01-29 at 21:34zethasKazoku Keikakuadded voice actor
v155.162015-01-29 at 09:19moogyKazoku Keikakustaff
v155.152015-01-29 at 07:56yorhelKazoku KeikakuNo reason for this to be locked.
v155.142010-12-17 at 08:19yorhelKazoku KeikakuWrong checkbox *OOPS*
v155.132010-12-17 at 08:18yorhelKazoku KeikakuReverted to revision v155.11 Please check the edit histories before editing. This has been edited before (v155.9 and v155.10). If you wish to discuss
v155.122010-12-17 at 08:15canasKazoku KeikakuI've only finished 2 heroine endings and it took me over 30 hours to do so. I'm using a FAQ as well. I'm planning to finish the rest of the heroine
v155.112010-07-07 at 15:17vdzKazoku KeikakuHow did it not have the abbrevations yet?
v155.102010-03-17 at 13:11echomateriaKazoku KeikakuReverted to revision v155.8 Tsukihime's route's vary a lot from each other while KK has a long shared route and brief heroine endings. Definitely a
v155.92010-03-17 at 12:51nacchiKazoku KeikakuThis game definitely seems to equal Tsukihime in length. Feel free to change it back if you have actual playthrough times.
v155.82010-02-15 at 10:09minimotoKazoku KeikakuIt was wrong.
v155.72010-01-07 at 23:51multiKazoku KeikakuReverse relation update caused by revision v3184.1
v155.62010-01-05 at 20:29izmosmolnarKazoku Keikakuencubed
v155.52009-07-23 at 04:49ivxxxKazoku KeikakuScreenshots
v155.42009-05-31 at 16:40acucar11Kazoku Keikakuadded a short title
v155.32008-10-22 at 14:18echomateriaKazoku KeikakuOriginal title added, local release title replaced with the romaji
v155.22008-03-10 at 16:18echomateriaFamily Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~
v155.12008-03-05 at 12:53echomateriaFamily Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~