Yanda Watashi ni Okusuri Choudai ♪


TitleYanda Watashi ni Okusuri Choudai ♪
Original titleヤンだ私に精液ちょうだい♪
AliasesYanda Watashi ni Seieki Choudai ♪, I LUV U & I Want Ur Sperm
Publishers Softhouse-Seal
Shops» JP¥ 2090 @ DLsite (jpn)


What happens when every girl in your life goes gaga for you?
I got rushed by everyone in mine without warning!

My name is Mamoru Hinata.
I'm a student and a lone wolf in the world, hard-boiled.

Yet for some reason one day something happened to turn
every. single. girl. around me into a lovestruck yandere.

Now I wake up tied to my bed,
glaring and bright sharp objects are aimed my way,
this is really... this is messed up.

It's looking like this curse will be lifted if I love everyone back,
but "love" really means "that"...... right?

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