Aliasesルートレックス, Root Rex
Publishers Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
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The rock band "REXX's" debut single was an explosive hit.

Not allowed to show their faces in public and do live shows, the band members are represented by mascots of themselves in promotional videos. Even so, they grew popular through word-of-mouth, and eventually garnered attention from all over the world.

However, without ever releasing a second single, they announced that they would go on an indefinite hiatus. A reason was never provided for this and caused a lot of confusion. Despite this, their debut single still sold well, and they gained more and more fans each day. Before they knew it, industry insiders started to call them the "legendary" band.

About a year later, the protagonist (Mochizuki Kazune), becomes fascinated by REXX's music. She finds a demo CD of at the school she transferred to. To her surprise, the demo CD contained an unreleased and unannounced REXX song! On top of that, there she meets five high school students who introduced themselves as REXX band members.

Kazune declares, "In order to revive REXX, I'll do anything!" upon hearing that the five guys no longer intend to perform.

As the past entangles and causes discord, will REXX be sucessfully revived?


Main characters

Amoh Rei
Amoh Rei天羽 玲 
AliasesThe Natural little devil Keyboardist
Hair, Pink
Eyes, Pink
Body, Short
Personality, Emotional
Role, Keyboardist
Voiced byYonaga Tsubasa
Hasumi Aki
Hasumi Aki蓮水 秋 
AliasesThe Genius Vocalist of Loneliness
Hair, Blue
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Headphones
Personality, Loner
Role, Singer
Engages in, Sports
Voiced byKakihara Tetsuya
Kujo Syun
Kujo Syun九条 駿 
AliasesThe naughty Guitarist
Hair, Blond
Eyes, Amber
Personality, Kind
Role, Guitarist, Popular
Voiced byEguchi Takuya

Side characters

Asagiri Ryutaro
Asagiri Ryutaro朝霧龍太郎 
AliasesPresident of the Record Company
Hair, White
Eyes, Red
Personality, Strict
Role, Executive
Voiced byIwata Mitsuo
Kanazaki Kaoru
Kanazaki Kaoru神崎 馨 
Hair, Blond, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Amber
Clothes, Peaked Cap
Personality, Boku, Confident, Idiot
Role, Guitarist, Singer
Voiced byNamikawa Daisuke


The guitarist and vocalist for MADLips.
He boasts about his good looks and amazing singing ability.
But because whenever he opens his mouth he says crazy things he is forbidden by his agency from talking in front of the media.

Kurose Tamaki
Kurose Tamaki黒瀬 環 
AliasesBig brother type Guitarist
Hair, Brown
Eyes, Brown
Personality, Kind, Mature
Role, Guitarist
Voiced bySuzumura Ken'ichi
Tachibana Iori
Tachibana Iori橘 伊織 
AliasesCool Beauty Bassist
Hair, Blue
Eyes, Blue
Personality, Effeminate
Role, Bassist, Tsukkomi
Voiced byIrino Miyu