Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni


Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni
TitleMirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni
Original title未来のキミと、すべての歌に―
AliasesMy Future with you, All in Song, Hatsune Miku Visual Novel, To You of the Future - I give you every song..., ミクキス, Miku Kiss, MikuKisu
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperSupplement Time
Publishers Supplement Time
 Honyaku-Subs & Project Gardares
 Project Zoom909
 Noberu Visual
 Hoshi Translation
Shares characters
[unofficial] 17" de Shijie
[unofficial] Beskonechnoe leto
[unofficial] Kasane Teto and Hatsune Miku are Lesb...
[unofficial] Koi Iro Crescendo ~Princess Diva of C...
Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro


One day in December, the protagonist finds a girl sleeping in the street. But he soon finds she's actually a musical android named Miku.

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Main character