Magical Kanan 2 ~Hiiro no Bergamot~

まじかるカナン2 ~緋色のベルガモット~

Magical Kanan 2 ~Hiiro no Bergamot~
TitleMagical Kanan 2 ~Hiiro no Bergamot~
Original titleまじかるカナン2 ~緋色のベルガモット~
AliasesMagical Canan 2
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Terios
Magical Kanan


This is the sequel to Magical Canan. One year after the Dark Materia incident, contact was lost with the unit monitoring the human world. Natsuki once again headed to the human world on the orders of Tsuyuha, the Queen of the magic world Evergreen. He immediately went to meet up with Chihaya, but he was attacked by a black magic warrior named Crimson. However, he can’t fight by himself; he only had the power to bestow magical powers to his partner, transforming her into a magic warrior.

He ran around looking for Chihaya and bumped into Misaki, kissing her on the lips and turning her into Magical Warrior Machalite. They were able to fight off Crimson, but Natsuki was perplexed at how he was able to give his powers to someone other than Chihaya. After he found Chihaya, he discovered that she could no longer turn into Magic Warrior Carmein. Will he be able to overcome the dangers and bring back peace to the human world?

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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Hair, Brown
Eyes, Amber
Clothes, Circlet, Cloak, Plate Armor
Voiced byAkiwara You


<hidden by spoiler settings>Chihaya's father.