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v15662.112016-09-18 at 12:38skorpiondeathGachinko! Bitch Clubshould be better quality since sampling from larger image but not sure about result let's see
v15662.102015-11-28 at 12:47skorpiondeathGachinko! Bitch Clubdescription link
v15662.92015-11-28 at 12:46skorpiondeathGachinko! Bitch Clubstaff, cover without copyright logo
v15662.82015-05-06 at 03:16eacilGachinko! Bitch Clubstaff linked
v15662.72015-04-03 at 14:27wakaranaiGachinko! Bitch Clubuse proper aliases please when adding cast.
v15662.62015-03-31 at 01:40djibrilGachinko! Bitch Clubadded seiyuus
v15662.52014-10-08 at 21:31warfokiGachinko! Bitch Clubscreenshots
v15662.42014-10-07 at 03:58eacilGachinko! Bitch Clublength
v15662.32014-08-12 at 04:30ds1150Gachinko! Bitch Clubcover
v15662.22014-07-25 at 16:14ds1150Gachinko! Bitch Clubimage
v15662.12014-07-19 at 06:00ds1150Gachinko! Bitch Clubnew