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Innocent na Tenshi-tachi


TitleInnocent na Tenshi-tachi
Original titleINNOCENTな天使たち
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Main character had just entered university when he got hit by a car. He recovers in the hospital and only joins the study from Autumn.
School director's daughter gets raped and the whole campus gets into a chaos. Suspicions arise everywhere. Main character gets to assist in the investigation.
What awaits hero at the crossroads of his life?
Please, please open the door of your heart to these heroines.

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2000-01-1418+Innocent na Tenshi-tachi
2008-05-1618+Innocent na Tenshi-tachi - Download Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Akiyama NanakoMain character
Katagiri MaminaMain character
Voiced by Fujita Natsumi
Mariya TakadaMain character
Ookouchi KinaMain character
Voiced by Morino Kotori
Sarashina AyaMain character
Sedaka TokieMain character
ClerkSide character

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