Ikunyuushu ~Genjuuya Advance Episode~

育乳種 ~幻獣屋アドバンストエピソード~

Ikunyuushu ~Genjuuya Advance Episode~
TitleIkunyuushu ~Genjuuya Advance Episode~
Original title育乳種 ~幻獣屋アドバンストエピソード~
DeveloperPinky Soft
Publishers Pinky Soft
Parent story


Main character is a young man who lives in a mansion in the suburbs of the Highlandy Republic capital. The mansion used to be an enterprise to provide girl escorts from aquatic tribes, and protagonist starts to study aquatic culture. One day a hunter appears and asks protagonist to take care of a mermaid. That was the first encounter with Ryuka.

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2001-07-2118+  Ikunyuushu ~Genjuuya Advance Episode~Non-freeCommercial1 CD  
2008-07-0118+  Ikunyuushu ~Genjuuya Advance Episode~ Download EditionNon-freeCommercialInternet download  

Character summary

Main characterBune Kyoudei
Main characterCooper
Main character Daikokuya Tokuichiro
Main characterKaiboryuu
Main character Manmarian Misu
Main character Mermaid
Main character Naiasu
Main character Ryuka Walter

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