Ma o Haramu Buki


TitleMa o Haramu Buki
Original title魔ヲ孕ム武妃
AliasesFrom the Wombs of the Buki, Hell Will Be Born
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperPichiPichi Gallery R
Publishers PichiPichi Gallery R
Ma o Haramu Joou ~Injoku ni Ochita Me...


The world was shared by humans and demons.

For hundreds of years, it was taken for granted that demons live to serve humans.

When the mighty and celebrated Queen Celesia enslaved demon Queen Berielle, the foundations of that belief were made all the stronger.

Many feared Queen Celesia.
Her rule was strangely portent, as if a Harbinger.

Celesia was not the only one they feared.

There was also the Buki, the elite guard of war princesses.
Commanded by the Queen, they were as if her Four Horsemen.


The day came where everything the humans believed about their world... changed.

A strangeness about Celesia sent ripples across the realm, upending normal life.

The people realized...

All they had believed, all they held true as the master race of this world, was a delusion.

Hell rose that day.

Demons raped the human women who looked down on them for a lifetime.
Amid an unfurling spectacle of chaos, the Buki, upon whose shoulders rested the last dignity of our species, took a final stand.
Against impossible odds. To protect humanity's way of life.

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