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Maid Unmeiroku ~Shokuzai no Nie Ryouki no Wana~


TitleMaid Unmeiroku ~Shokuzai no Nie Ryouki no Wana~
Original titleメイド運命録~贖罪の贄・猟奇の罠~
AliasesThe Record of a Maid's Fate
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperYamitsuki Koubou
PublishersYamitsuki Koubou
Shops» JP¥ 990 @ DLsite


Dad is dead. Upon hearing the news, the son of the wealthiest man in town, Shinji, hurries back home to his mansion. After the funeral, there to greet Shinji in the mansion still with the faint fragrance of sadness are:

Nanako, the daughter of his father's lover and his old childhood friend from long ago...

Kumi, an older woman whose voluptuous body and warm smile make her all the more beautiful and radiant...

And his father's strict butler, Kuroiwa.

Shinji, though glad to be reunited with so many he knew and loved, must tend to the inheritance his father left him as well as his father's company, a task which leaves him confused and lost. All the while, none of them yet realize the evil which is penetrating their lives...

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Japanese (2)
2008-04-2518+Maid Unmeiroku ~Shokuzai no Nie Ryouki no Wana~ Download Edition
2009-09-1118+Maid Unmeiroku ~Shokuzai no Nie Ryouki no Wana~ Package Edition

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Amano KumiMain character
Saeki NanakoMain character

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Maid Unmeiroku ~Shokuzai no Nie Ryouki no Wana~ Download Edition

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