Himekishi Sharon to Isekai no Yuusha


Himekishi Sharon to Isekai no Yuusha
TitleHimekishi Sharon to Isekai no Yuusha
Original title姫騎士シャロンと異世界の勇者
AliasesSharon the Princess Knight and Hero from Another World
DeveloperLilith Soft
Publishers Lilith Soft


* To break the spell casted on the protagonist, he needs to exchange his bodily fluid with the heroine?
The protagonist finds himself in a unfamiliar world with a curse! To undo it, he needs an exchange of body fluid.
The heroine gives a tender kiss to relieve his pain from the curse, but they couldn't stop there...

*Repeated sex makes the girl in heat!
She is turned on gradually by doing it. Repeat oral, vaginal and anal cumshot, and make her want to do it more!

*Curse makes him out of control?!
The spell makes him bold and pervert thoughts comes into his mind!
His friend give him adult items to help his idea.

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