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Teriru no Christmas BOX


TitleTeriru no Christmas BOX
Original titleてりるのクリスマスBOX
Original game
Milkyway 2


A fan disc featuring familiar characters from Milkyway in cute uniforms going all out in typing and block-breaking games. As with Ichigo-Da!, the typing games with improved effects and the item-packed block-breaking games guarantee tons of fun! An original story exclusive to the fan disc is included as well, of course.

Other content, such as minigames and wallpapers, are bound to make fans happy.

Be sure to check out the new theme song by the good old Under17 as well!

[Translated from Getchu]


Japanese (2)
2002-12-2618+Teriru no Christmas BOX
2003-01-01Expansion Disc (patch)


  • Vocals
  • Under17Main theme "Which do you choose?"
  • Vocals
  • Under17Main theme "Which do you choose?"

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    Inuzuka ArisuMain character
    Kusumoto SayuraMain character
    Nanase AkiraMain character
    Sakamoto AyaMain character

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