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LengthVery short (< 2 hours)


A camp trip goes wrong for Edward and his friends as they are abducted into an alien submarine. They now await to hear if they will be allowed home, or be executed inside this ship.

Edward wants to trust the aliens will make the right choice, but as the decision looms, doubt begins to whisper in his ear. Will he survive this trial of trust and deceit?

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By publicnuisance on 2021-02-13Vote: 7
<report>Bermuda does something that either enhances visual novels or dooms them: it offers some actual game play. Done right it can add to an already great game but done poorly and it can sink it. The game is broken up in that you get told the story through a kinetic novel format and after that the story has made it necessary for you to navigate the ship without getting caught. This part is a side scrolling stealth game akin to Gunpoint minus the ability to knock people out. You can turn off lights; sound alarms; disable shields; hide in the bathroom; etc. The idea is to try to herd the guards where you want them to get to where you need to go. To add variety some levels have a different goal such... Read more ยป