Bonyuu Kyoushi Jusei Ryoujoku

母乳教師 受精陵辱

TitleBonyuu Kyoushi Jusei Ryoujoku
Original title母乳教師 受精陵辱
AliasesBreast Milk Teacher - Fertilizing Assault
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers Studio-74


A married woman who is also a teacher is sucked in by one of her pupil's secrets, and ends up becoming his sex slave.
The days where which she used to enforce education soon transformed into a daily life in which she is submitted to training.

Her pupil becomes a real brute, and uses enlargement devices in order to subject her to a shameful body modification.
The married woman's mature and ripe body gradually develops into one of a perfect sex slave, due to the actions of her pupil, the brute...

Transform her into your own personal pregnant sex slave... Use her with your friends as a communal semen deposit...
It's all up to you, to finally enlarge her orifices, use her and degrade her to your own personal brutish liking!

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2006-11-1518+  Bonyuu Kyoushi Jusei RyoujokuNon-freeDoujin640x480Internet download 2 

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