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Puppy Love 3: Wild West Side Story

Puppy Love 3: Wild West Side StorySafe / Tame (14)
Puppy Love 3: Wild West Side Story
AliasesPuppy Love III
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperStudio Knockout
PublishersStudio Knockout
Same series

Puppy Love 2: The Spacening


A wild, gleefully implausible tale of the Old West, where tumbledawgs roll among sun-bleached bones, and two new heroes take the stage!

A great steam train is winding its way across the scorching sands, carrying the entourage of a visiting foreign dignitary. In the lawless lands, such a procession can only attract the eyes of the vultures… Can the valiant lawmen protect young Princess Yunnie from scheming bandits? Or will a young outlaw be able to realize her dreams, and hit the big time?

We follow the story of a new hero, Sovy Wildfoot and his rival - the beautiful and deadly Vedika Vandersmudge - on a train ride across the untamed deserts of the west. Sovy is all new to the Puppy Love games, but we've seen Vedika before when she premiered as the masked vigilante in Puppy Love I!

Puppy Love III is a breakaway from the first games in that it features full point and click adventure mode! As both Sovy and Vedika you get to walk around the train and talk to other passengers, exploring the world of Puppy Love click by click, along with some of the old choice menus to spice things up as the action unfolds! There are even fetch quests? Aren't you excited??

Will Sovy save the princess? Get seduced by bandits? Will Vedika seduce the lawmen? Will the entire game get detrailed when the protagonist gets distracted by grumpmuscles? Will he become the manager of an all-singing all-dancing performance troop? Or will he save Vedika from herself? Unlock them all and you’ll be rewarded with a special minigame: Dress-Up Balthazar!

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