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Battle Four

TitleBattle Four
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperTsugihagi Project
PublishersTsugihagi Project


Every day is the same, peaceful day as before.
It had always been and would always be, or so one thinks.
There comes...... a distortion that engulfs everything.
The unexpected death of one's parents.
How to possibly survive from now on......
A letter arrives at the height of grief.
It's an invitation to "Battle Four".

When you have nothing to lose and money is everything, would you put your fate in a game?
The winner receives a lifetime of wealth.

The very words sets the heart trembling.

[From DLsite English]


2008-12-18Battle Four 2.0
2015-11-1818+Battle Four Re.
2015Battle Four - Trial Edition Ver 1.0


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              AvelMain character
              JokerMain character
              KusuhaMain character
              AceSide character
              RyuujiSide character
              ShinanoSide character

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              Battle Four 2.0

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