Haruboku ~Sakura, Harukaze. Boku, Sensei.~


Haruboku ~Sakura, Harukaze. Boku, Sensei.~
TitleHaruboku ~Sakura, Harukaze. Boku, Sensei.~
Original titleはるぼく~桜、春風。僕、先生。~
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Kiya-Labo


Main character becomes tea ceremony instructor at a cram school for 10 days. He is in charge of five students with unique personalities. Somehow there is a premonition that these 10 days won't be peaceful.

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2001-08-1018+  Haruboku ~Sakura, Harukaze. Boku, Sensei.~Non-freeDoujin1 CD  

Character summary

Protagonist Kushinagi Atsuya
Main character Anzai Tomoki
Main character Hamamori Fuuka
Main character Nishizaki Souta
Main character Senoo Mayuki
Main character Tachibana Kazuya
Main character Tsukamoto Masami
Main character Uchiba Hibiku

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