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v160.182015-08-24 at 09:45multiMonmon Gakuen ~Tenkousei~Reverse relation update caused by revision v4182.11
v160.172015-08-24 at 08:59multiMonmon Gakuen ~Tenkousei~Reverse relation update caused by revision v8774.9
v160.162015-05-15 at 21:02superelmoMonmon Gakuen ~Tenkousei~I want to upload some nsfw screenshots from the same version of the game as the rest of the screenshots.
v160.152015-03-31 at 12:09ametaphorMonmon Gakuen ~Tenkousei~Removed related anime link from here and added it to v9101, which is clearly the game that this anime is related to, not this one.
v160.142014-11-19 at 19:46beliarMonmon Gakuen ~Tenkousei~removed stray screens, added relation
v160.132014-11-19 at 19:36beliarMonmon Gakuen ~Tenkousei~I'm splitting the VN into two. The remake is different enough to warrant a separate entry.
v160.122013-06-25 at 16:11hiecchiTenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~link ......how hard is that?
v160.112012-04-09 at 20:42slv76Tenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~Add 7 pic
v160.102011-12-14 at 14:14slv76Tenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~Better cover
v160.92011-12-12 at 19:48stompTenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~edited relation
v160.82011-12-12 at 19:33multiTenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~Reverse relation update caused by revision v8774.1
v160.72011-12-12 at 18:53multiTenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~Reverse relation update caused by revision v980.3
v160.62008-10-22 at 16:25corruptdataTenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~
v160.52008-10-22 at 16:15corruptdataTenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~
v160.42008-10-22 at 16:13corruptdataTenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~
v160.32008-05-04 at 16:04echomateriaTransfer Student
v160.22008-03-12 at 10:13echomateriaTransfer Student
v160.12008-03-05 at 15:49echomateriaTransfer Student