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Spirited Heart  Non-free, commercial 
1024x768Not voiced2009-04-14All ages
Spirited Heart Demo  Freeware, commercial 
1024x768Not voiced2009-04-14All ages
Spirited Heart Deluxe  Non-free, commercial 
1024x768Not voiced2009-04-14All agesOverhauled version of the game. New features:
– New interactive job system: you can now choose to play each day of work in a fun dice-based game. The old instant result system is still available.
– Titles added: if you reach certain values in two skills you’re awarded by an important Title
– Mission from Goddess: after a while you play, you’ll receive a visit from your race Goddess that will give you a task to complete before you reach age of 30. If you succeed, you’ll unlock an extra unique special ending for each race!
– you can now toggle the romance encounter on/off in the relationship screen
– you can now play until you reach the age of 30
– game texts completely edited/proofread
Spirited Heart Girl's Love (patch) Non-free 
NA for patches2011-09-0210+"Spirited Heart Girl’s Love" is a yuri expansion to the core game "Spirited Heart".

You can now pursue six girls and unlock new different endings (different for each race).
Soedinjaja serdca  Freeware, commercial 
1024x768Not voiced2012-01-26All ages
Spirited Heart Demo  Freeware, doujin UnknownUnknown2012-04-22All ages
Spirited Heart  Non-free, doujin UnknownUnknown2013-01-19All agesAndroid version includes "Girl's Love" expansion pack.
Spirited Heart  Non-free, doujin UnknownUnknown2014-01-08All agesThe app download is free but you have to pay both for the core game (male romances) and "Girl's Love" expansion (female romances).
Spirited Heart Deluxe - Steam Edition  Non-free, commercial 
1024x768Not voiced2014-05-29All agesThe Steam version includes both the core game and the "Girl's Love" expansion pack.