Kegareta Seifuku Hakusho Vol.1 ~Shimai, Mukareru~

汚れた制服白書 Vol.1 ~姉妹、剥かれる~

TitleKegareta Seifuku Hakusho Vol.1 ~Shimai, Mukareru~
Original title汚れた制服白書 Vol.1 ~姉妹、剥かれる~
DeveloperMelty Koubou
PublishersMelty Koubou


A female English teacher working has a bad relationship with her sister. They used to be close, but can't find common grounds recently. They argue over a trifle and separate at the station, but there is an insidious trap waiting for them in the train car...

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2006-05-1918+Kegareta Seifuku Hakusho Vol.1 ~Shimai, Mukareru~


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