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v16070.392019-01-15 at 12:33nekonekogirlHanasaki Work Spring!staff
v16070.382018-12-21 at 15:44kd6242Hanasaki Work Spring!Add cv
v16070.372018-10-22 at 14:36pdzlHanasaki Work Spring!OP Composer.
v16070.362018-05-11 at 06:51justineHanasaki Work Spring!ok now this is probably the correct Ayana due to work history with saga planets and the other two do not meet criteria but still no solid evidence
v16070.352018-05-11 at 06:36justineHanasaki Work Spring!fixed to correct Ayana
v16070.342017-05-28 at 05:004396Hanasaki Work Spring!resolution
v16070.332017-04-03 at 16:42wakaranaiHanasaki Work Spring!VA alias
v16070.322017-04-03 at 16:38izunaHanasaki Work Spring!voice
v16070.312016-09-20 at 14:14varioHanasaki Work Spring!staff
v16070.302016-04-29 at 10:02weilaiHanasaki Work Spring!..
v16070.292016-03-25 at 03:28nutellafanHanasaki Work Spring!Added credit.
v16070.282015-12-10 at 19:52traumatizerHanasaki Work Spring!staff notes
v16070.272015-09-06 at 04:54weilaiHanasaki Work Spring!.
v16070.262015-06-28 at 03:20phantasmHanasaki Work Spring!we use the term True End in vndb.
v16070.252015-06-27 at 22:38traumatizerHanasaki Work Spring!staff
v16070.242015-06-21 at 18:31nb4yHanasaki Work Spring!Added composers
v16070.232015-05-18 at 11:48nutellafanHanasaki Work Spring!Re-added VA
v16070.222015-05-12 at 00:31weilaiHanasaki Work Spring!.
v16070.212015-04-19 at 01:54kaiflameHanasaki Work Spring!Added VA for Soramori Wakaba link
v16070.202015-04-14 at 17:41traumatizerHanasaki Work Spring!+1
v16070.192015-04-12 at 13:07allamsctHanasaki Work Spring!one of the screenshot is not NSFW I think
v16070.182015-04-06 at 10:02madekingHanasaki Work Spring!Added Screendshots
v16070.172015-04-03 at 02:02touka23Hanasaki Work Spring!only change the duration
v16070.162015-04-02 at 20:31wakaranaiHanasaki Work Spring!first: there's a thread t6144 where you could ask for aliases to be added. second: in this particular case it would be nice if you supplied some
v16070.152015-04-02 at 20:21traumatizerHanasaki Work Spring!oh, nope. another fix
v16070.142015-04-02 at 20:20traumatizerHanasaki Work Spring!fix so it doesn't look as messy
v16070.132015-04-02 at 05:09kaiflameHanasaki Work Spring!Added notes and Seiyuu for Hanasaki Nonoka
v16070.122015-04-02 at 04:43kaiflameHanasaki Work Spring!Added Seiyuu for Wakaba
v16070.112015-03-31 at 10:28phantasmHanasaki Work Spring!ED title.
v16070.102015-03-23 at 18:43ds1150Hanasaki Work Spring!package
v16070.92015-03-10 at 12:50insanityyHanasaki Work Spring!description
v16070.82015-02-27 at 14:36nutellafanHanasaki Work Spring!Added VA
v16070.72015-02-15 at 08:54weilaiHanasaki Work Spring!.
v16070.62015-02-04 at 18:04phantasmHanasaki Work Spring!vocal.
v16070.52015-01-30 at 10:28weilaiHanasaki Work Spring!.
v16070.42015-01-29 at 09:59weilaiHanasaki Work Spring!.
v16070.32014-11-08 at 10:11ds1150Hanasaki Work Spring!Title
v16070.22014-09-19 at 15:28jaoHanasaki Work SpringImage
v16070.12014-09-18 at 16:07ds1150Hanasaki Work Springnew, unsure about title