Koutarichou Jin'youtan


Koutarichou Jin'youtan

TitleKoutarichou Jin'youtan
Original title神足町人妖譚
Publishers Mio
Same setting
Asaki, Yumemishi


~ Mayoigo no Shou Story ~

Ousaka Chise is the future leader of the famous Ousaka family of "Taimashi", who are noted for being able to subdue demons called "Housoushi". Having lead a sheltered life, Chise is doubtful and concerned about her worthiness of succeeding the house since she has never seen a Taima (banishment of malicious spirits) take place. One day, Chise's senior apprentice, Miyuki Akari, invites her to go to "Koutarichou" with him, saying that it will be the ideal place for her to resolve her worries.

"Koutarichou"- a place between the mortal world (Shigan) and nirvana (Higan) in which strange things occur every night. It is a ruined town where humans with special circumstances and ayakashi drift and wash ashore. Chise and her Housoushi, Midori, venture towards Koutarichou.

There, they meet "Mukoujima Ten'yuu", a young man with a smile through which his true intentions cannot be discerned, and "Hakua", an ayakashi who always faces downwards as though she were afraid of something. They also meet many other humans and ayakashi whose various hopes and wishes live within their hearts. Though perplexed by the town's strange occurrences, Chise faces her own doubts head-on.

This is a story spun by a young girl in a mysterious town about the doubts of humans and ayakashi.

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2015-03-0612+  Koutarichou Jin'youtan ~Mayoigo no Shou~ Regular Edition  
2015-03-0612+  Koutarichou Jin'youtan ~Mayoigo no Shou~ First Press Limited Edition  
2017-10-1912+  Koutarichou Jin'youtan ~Mayoigo no Shou~ Download Edition  
TBA  Koutarichou Jin'youtan ~Toki Meguri no Shou~  
TBA  Koutarichou Jin'youtan ~Torinaki Uta no Shou~  


Character summary

Protagonist Ousaka Chise
Main characterHakua
Voiced by Kobori Miyuki
Main character Midori
Main character Miyuki Akaru
Main character Mukoujima Tenyuu

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 Koutarichou Jin'youtan ~Mayoigo no Shou~ Regular Edition

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