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Hearts Under Blades

Hearts Under BladesSafe / Tame (14)
Hearts Under Blades
StatusUnfinished, no ongoing development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperLeading Scientists Games
PublishersLeading Scientists Games


You play as Shouka, a sheltered young samurai from a wealthy noble family, on your first venture outside your family's lands. You've been summoned to accompany two imperial officials and a group of seven other young samurai on a tour of the empire. The rumor is that one of the officials will be promoted soon, and the journey is a trial to choose his replacement. On this journey, you will be faced with conspiracy, deception, and dark magic, all of which could change the face of the empire forever.

The player will have the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with a planned selection of ten characters. These relationships can be romantic, platonic, or even political, depending on who you chose and the actions you take. But be careful, the life of a samurai is filled with risks, and every choice carries consequences. Not every ending is a happy one, and the honor guiding your actions can mean the difference between life and death!

[From Leading Scientists Games]