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Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Bansenjin

相州戦神館學園 万仙陣

TitleSoushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Bansenjin
Original title相州戦神館學園 万仙陣
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin


This follows the grand ending in Hachimyoujin, where Yoshiya doesn’t confess to anyone. Yoshiya’s group are now in their second year at Senshinkan Gakuen, joined by new students Nobuaki and Shizuno. There were a few more hiccups along the way, but every day is full of laughs and smiles. No one thought that it would change, but while devoting all their time preparing for the culture festival, they happened upon a secret of the school and were confronted with a nightmare which eroded reality. They didn’t have any special abilities to combat these strange occurrences, but then their inner elements awakened and the wheel of dreams begin to turn once more.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

Mini reviews

By mutsuki on 2020-11-15r65854Vote: 7.4
<report>A game where two Imperial Japanese soldiers team up with a literal Nazi (wow where have I seen this development before) to beat the shit out of a stoner Chinese mafia leader who has gained god powers because a delusional fangirl screwed up.

It's a crazy game, however it gives me very strong (NOTE THIS IS A SPOILER FOR BOTH THIS GAME AND A DIFFERENT GAME IN THE SPOILER. IT'S QUITE A POPULAR GAME SO YOU ARE SOMEWHAT LIKELY TO HAVE READ IT) Fate/hollow ataraxia vibes with how they dealt with how it's a sequel/fandisc thing, which tbh I have mixed feelings for. The slice-of-life/rom-com elements in general are pretty boring and this game only really shines when someone's fighting.

Like Shizuno is cute and all but idk if it justifies reading all of this.
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By onorub on 2021-01-20Vote: 7.6
<report>First and foremost, be aware that this is more of a bonus story for Hachimyoujin rather than a full sequel so that you don't get whiplash from the more fandisc-like tone. I felt that while Hachimyoujin would alternate between slice-of-life and fight scenes in digestable portions, Bansenjin was lenghtier with both, which made for a more tiresome experience. It doesn't help that some of the fights in the first two thirds of the story felt like filler, just done because they were interesting match-ups. That being said, if you enjoyed the characters from Hachimyoujin and want to see more of their antics there is plenty on here to enjoy, just be aware that you need some tolerance for slice-of-life and this might not be recommended for those that are 100% into chuunige. Good, almost great VN.