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Mei no Bitch-ka ga Yurusenai!


TitleMei no Bitch-ka ga Yurusenai!
Original title姪のビッチ化が許せない!
AliasesI Can't Forgive How Hot My Niece Is!
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBlue Devil
PublishersBlue Devil


Hiroki Ashihara just wanted to spend college break doing his thing,
but he was asked to tutor his brother's daughter Chisaki.
The last time Hiroki saw Chisaki she was a little thing, but that was years ago.
Still, he wasn't prepared for the shock of a dye-blonde suntanned gyaru. Chisaki was very obviously slutty. How could he help her with school when she only cares about sex?
What the precocious bitch needs is...

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