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Nade Pro!! ~Kisama mo Seiyuu Yattemiro!

ナデプロ!! ~キサマも声優やってみろ!

TitleNade Pro!! ~Kisama mo Seiyuu Yattemiro!
Original titleナデプロ!! ~キサマも声優やってみろ!
DeveloperGungHo Works
PublishersGungHo Works
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata


The protagonist is a completly normal third year high school girl.
On career investigation day when she couldn't think of anything she wanted to do, her teacher told her that her workplace had already been decided long ago.
She was to work at the voice acting company "Nadeshiko Production".
Furthermore, she was personally scouted by the talented manager Higuchi himself!

Using a clever trick, Higuchi got the protagonist to sign a contract.
The condition was to debut as a voice actor at NadePro and "Produce results in one year".

Naturally as an amateur she had no idea what to do!
Aiming to become a big deal anime heroine her super busy year of working at her beloved job begins now!

[Translated from the official site]


Japanese (2)
2009-10-29All agesNade Pro!! ~Kisama mo Seiyuu Yattemiro!~ Regular Edition
2009-10-29All agesNade Pro!! ~Kisama mo Seiyuu Yattemiro!~ Limited Edition

Full character list

Character summary

Aiba MioProtagonist
Voiced by Sakurai HarumiActing part only
Higuchi RyuuMain character
Hitomi KatsuyaMain character
Kai YoshinaoMain character
Voiced by Kaida Yuki
Nagumo KentaMain character
Voiced by Nojima Kenji
Sakurakouji KazumiMain character
Yasoshina YuuMain character
Voiced by Tai Yuuki
Hongou TaichirouSide character
Voiced by Yonaga Tsubasa
Horiguchi KenzouSide character
Ishibashi Jun'ichirouSide character
Voiced by Suwabe Jun'ichi
IshidaSide character
Voiced by Ishida Akira
Kayama YumieSide character
Voiced by Kakazu Yumi
Koishikawa KaoriSide character
Voiced by Gibu Yuuko
Miyake SatoshiSide character
Voiced by Miyata Kouki
RomeoSide character
Voiced by Miyata Kouki
Saionji AkaneSide character
Voiced by Saiga Mitsuki
Sakisaka KobatoSide character
Voiced by Kaida Yuki
Tanabe YumiSide character
Voiced by Kakazu Yumi
Yayoi MinoriSide character
Voiced by Yahagi Sayuri

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