Edit history of Lord of Walkure ~The Adventure~

v16142.72016-04-21 at 17:57traumatizerLord of Walkure ~The Adventure~cast, staff
v16142.62015-02-03 at 20:58venomg3Lord of Walkure ~The Adventure~ctrlbutton fast screens
v16142.52015-02-03 at 18:19abyssalerosLord of Walkure ~The Adventure~ttl
v16142.42015-01-12 at 18:31yirbaLord of Walkure ~the adventure~alias using English title of base game
v16142.32014-11-24 at 11:33weilaiLord of Walkure ~the adventure~.
v16142.22014-10-27 at 07:22earthwormLord of Walkure ~the adventure~img
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