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Ururun Quest Koiyuuki

うるるんクエスト 恋遊記

TitleUrurun Quest Koiyuuki
Original titleうるるんクエスト 恋遊記
DeveloperVingt-et-un. Systems Corporation
PublishersD3 Publisher
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata


This is a world where humans and beings called magic creatures exist.

Once the world was one, but suddenly one day a rampant fog divided the world.
The fog covered the sea and the sky, the people's movements were hindered.
Before long the people had to think about living in a reduced sphere of habitation.

This situation continued for many hundreds of years.
The people spread out and built towns on various plots of land where they quietly started to live.
People that were curious about the outside world and other continents were practically extinct.

Soi, the town where flowers bloom wildly, is the town where the protagonist lives.

She's a girl that is full of energy and curiosity.
For her summer vacation research project assignment she started thinking that she would like to investigate the things outside of the town.
However, outside of town the mist has become even thicker, and dangerous monsters have appeared.

The protagonist with unrestrained curiosity, along with the cooperation of her childhood friends Tsukishiro and Shuka, step forward outside of the town.
They have no idea what could be waiting for them at the start of their great adventure.

[Translated from the official site]


2005-07-28All agesUrurun Quest Koiyuuki
2006-11-09All agesSIMPLE 2000 Series Ultimate Vol.33 Ururun Quest Koiyuuki


        Full character list

        Character summary

        Main characterKurenai
        Main characterMiru
        Voiced by Ishii Makoto
        Main characterShen Li
        Voiced by Fukuyama Jun
        Main characterShion
        Voiced by Takewaka Takuma
        Main characterShirogane
        Main characterTsukishiro
        Voiced by Ishida Akira
        Side characterFutaai
        Side characterHisui
        Voiced by Yoshikawa Akiko
        Side characterKonpeki
        Voiced by Ishii Takao
        Side characterKyara
        Voiced by Kikkawa Kayo
        Side characterMutan
        Voiced by Kuzutani Tomoka
        Side characterRao Shia
        Voiced by Ishikawa Etsuko
        Side characterShan Li
        Voiced by Komiya Kazue
        Side characterShuka
        Side characterYu En

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