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Meshimase Rouman Sabou


Meshimase Rouman Sabou
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperVingt-et-un. Systems Corporation
PublishersD3 Publisher
Shops» US$ 15.99 @ PlayAsia
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The protagonist Amami Chitose wants to open her own tea-house someday.
Her parent's give her a condition, if she can run their family confectionery store for a year without it going bankrupt they will allow her to open her own shop.


Japanese (2)
2004-10-14AllMeshimase Rouman Sabou
2006-03-23AllSIMPLE 2000 Series Vol.98 THE Rouman Sabou


Full character list

Character summary

Amami ChitoseProtagonist
Voiced by Kogure Ema
Doumyouji AkihisaMain character
Doumyouji TsukiyaMain character
Voiced by Yanagi Naoki
Gokahou RinMain character
Voiced by Okano Kousuke
Kashiwa KazukiMain character
Kuzuu SaiMain character
Voiced by Takewaka Takuma
Engou SakuraSide character
Voiced by Kimura Haruka
Shinomiya KanoeSide character
Voiced by Yuimoto Michiru
Suigetsu AoiSide character
Voiced by Hazuki Erino

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