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v16166.332018-07-29 at 19:31wakaranaiPure x Connectmusic credits. "insert song" means song is playing during gameplay. bonus material that isn't part of VN should not be included here.
v16166.322018-05-13 at 18:35veshurikPure x ConnectThat song includes as bonus to drama CD, or I can't understand, is it sense to include it here...
v16166.312016-10-18 at 20:46varioPure x ConnectVII
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v16166.292016-07-07 at 12:27vortexoblivionPure x Connectedit
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v16166.252015-09-20 at 17:20traumatizerPure x Connectchanged jp terms like "osananajimi" and "kouhai"
v16166.242015-09-18 at 08:14weilaiPure x Connect.
v16166.232015-08-14 at 22:32traumatizerPure x Connect"sub" -> "assistant writer"
v16166.222015-07-07 at 18:02allamsctPure x Connectthat one is not NSFW
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