Sweet Hearts ~Sannin Ecchi~

Sweet Hearts~さんにんえっち~

TitleSweet Hearts ~Sannin Ecchi~
Original titleSweet Hearts~さんにんえっち~
DeveloperSweet Hearts
Publishers D.O. & Sweet Hearts
Original game
Sweet Hearts


Main character brings has a girlfriend, but as of late she becomes friends with protagonist's co-worker waitress Haruka. One night they book a ryokan room for the three of them, get drunk and enjoy each other to the fullest.

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2005-05-1718+  Sweet Hearts ~Sannin Ecchi~Non-freeCommercialInternet download
2014-12-1918+  Premium Archives Kitagawa SamuiNon-freeCommercial  

Character summary

Main character Kokufu Botan
Voiced by Shinomiya Kaoru
Main character Takayama Haruka
Voiced by Niide Chiaki

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