Boku Dake no Live ~Risei no Fukitonda Idol to Hamedori Seikou~

ボクだけのライブ ~理性の吹き飛んだアイドルとハメ撮り性交~

TitleBoku Dake no Live ~Risei no Fukitonda Idol to Hamedori Seikou~
Original titleボクだけのライブ ~理性の吹き飛んだアイドルとハメ撮り性交~
AliasesAll My Live! -The F*ckshoot With Idols Without Sense-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers SABER FISH
Shares characters
[unofficial] Maki Fes!
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"You know that J-pop group? The ones that are internet famous."
"Oh dude. The latest video is hot. Aaaaaugh those girls are so I can't even. I want a piece of that."
"I know right. They're all virgins. Just imagine being in the middle of all that virgin pussy..."

As I listened to other guys crassly discuss my beloved pop stars, my blood boiled.
The whole world wanted to take their purity. It felt like it was going to happen.

Before anyone else defiles them, I'm gonna claim all 9 idols for myself!
Surely they'll be happier wrapped in my love than wrecked by some horny jerk!
It's my duty. It's for everyone's sake

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