Shoujo Kishi Aria ~Midara na Ankoku Butoukai~


TitleShoujo Kishi Aria ~Midara na Ankoku Butoukai~
Original title少女騎士アリア~淫らな暗黒武闘会~
AliasesGirl Knight Aria -Dark XXX Tournament-
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperRabbit Company
Publishers Rabbit Company


Aria was a young and disciplined knight.

She traveled from job to job in relative poverty, not knowing what may come each day.
One day, she saw a poster for a tournament.

"An Open Invitation to Alle Stronge Men and Wymen: Fight for Acclaim & Fortune Rewarde"

It was an underground event that pitted style against style.
Feeling her stomach growl, Aria clutched her sword and entered the tournament.

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