Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e


Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e
TitleItsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e
Original titleいつか、重なりあう未来へ
DeveloperSony Music Entertainment
Publishers Sony Music Entertainment


The 'Vector Rider Series', launched simultaneously, "Shirou Hen" with the male protagonist and "Sayuri Hen" with the female protagonist.

A self-raising style simulation game depicting the main characters first year after entering the military academy.
The system and game balance is a little hard, however the world building is very detailed and the story has many serious developments.

Shirou Hen has gal game and shounen-ai elements. Sayuri Hen has otome and shoujo-ai elements.

[Translated/Edited from Girl Game Wiki]


1999-08-26  Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e Sayuri HenPartially voicedNon-freeCommercial1 CD  
1999-08-26  Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e Shirou HenPartially voicedNon-freeCommercial1 CD  


Character summary

Protagonist Sayuri Kuonji
Voiced by Kasai Ritsuko
Protagonist Shirou Aizawa
Voiced by Suyama Akio
Main character Acid Gurnie
Voiced by Chiba Susumu
Main character Airzolver Garland
Main character April Viridian
Voiced by Yoshioka Kuniko
Main character Azzul Torleoni
Main character Blau Meister
Voiced by Yuuki Hiro
Main character Calamity Fawcett
Voiced by Nagasawa Miki
Main character Coleman Maker 3rd
Voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko
Main character Farne Azzrael
Voiced by Minami Omi
Main character Gabriella Pfeffer
Voiced by Akita Madoka
Main character Karl Steif
Voiced by Horikawa Jin
Main character Kim Rayrien
Voiced by Aikawa Rikako
Main character Oak Azzrael
Voiced by Minami Omi
Main character Phamu Enforce
Voiced by Kuwashima Houko
Main character Rang Primary
Voiced by Ise Kumiko
Main character Red Thrally
Voiced by Yamazaki Takumi
Main character Rouge Vinstage
Voiced by Tanaka Atsuko
Main character Ryeuie Sou
Voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori
Main character Ssei Tkkana
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako
Main character Veer Mikhailobna
Voiced by Nagano Ai
Main character Xak Burgess
Voiced by Iwata Mitsuo
Side characterOpo
Voiced by Asakawa Yuu
Side character Violet
Voiced by Enomoto Atsuko

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