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Chibidol ~Ecchi na Suiei Kyoushitsu~


TitleChibidol ~Ecchi na Suiei Kyoushitsu~
Original titleちびドル〜エッチな水泳教室〜
DeveloperEcchira Occhira
PublishersEcchira Occhira


The protagonist is hired to do swimming lessons for three girls. They are in fact from his favorite idol group, CHU ☆ Daughters. He tries to hide that he is a fan. Eventually, the girls go mad for him. What will happen at the end of the line?


Japanese (2)
2014-12-2618+Chibidol ~Ecchi na Suiei Kyoushitsu~
2014-12-2618+Chibidol ~Ecchi na Suiei Kyoushitsu~ Download Edition


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Character summary

Kijima GunzouProtagonist
Amao Milky PuddingMain character
Voiced by Natsume Minami
Asakura CherryMain character
Voiced by Kimishima Risa
Ringo Granny SmithMain character

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