Shi Shi Syndrome


TitleShi Shi Syndrome
Original titleしーしーしんどろーむ
AliasesCC Syndrome
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Yamikumo-Communications
Shares characters
Suzuri-sensei to 26-ko no Ecchi na Oppai
Same series


Toya Hayami works as an art teacher at a prestigious school. However, Toya and his art lessons are looked upon coldly because the school is just too busy with students cramming for tests.

One day, Toya becomes close to the school idle Sayuri and invites her to his studio. A few days later, Toya is suddenly laid off because people have spread rumors about his relationship with Sayuri. Needless to say, Toya is depressed and furious about the treatment and begins to take out his frustrations on Sayuri and his successor, Noriko...
The player will become the despairing art teacher and violate the girl who used to adore him. He will also get his kicks out of raping the female teacher who has replaced him with a bunch of sexual tools.

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