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Original titleパルマローザ


"A prohibition order on going out!?"

"Hey, you're too loud."
Fiona covers her mouth in a hurry, that volume right now had to be loud enough to echo down the corridor. It's a bright afternoon, the bright sun is beckoning from beyond the window as if giving no cares to the current situation.

--This is the Grand Duchy of Relm.

Master, that is, the Duke or by another name the Archduke rules this country. It's small but peaceful, I don't know any other country besides it.
I have the privilege of living here and taking care of the Duke's daughter, Fiona Amalick.

Fiona has reached that appropriate age and it's been about one year since suitors have started appearing one by one to show their worth.
Fiona's future husband will equal the power of the next Archduke, and so this betrothal affects the Archduke's position.
Even more, Fiona is a beauty, this is surely a situation of riches upon riches that no suitor would want to waste.

However Fiona, the essential factor, is not interested in meeting anyone, much less getting betrothed.
In spite of the fact that obviously all the suitors are the heirs of noble families.

But there is a reason.

Fiona fell in love with a youth who runs a bakery in town.
On one hand she is the daughter of the Duke, on the other hand he's the son of a commoner. Their social status' are not in harmony.
Of course their love is a secret from everybody, Fiona often sneaks out of the mansion to have secret meetings with her sweetheart.

Of course I help her with these things but... but, It's been a year and the fact that Fiona won't pick a suitor is driving the Duke into a rage.

And so going out is forbidden.
Poor Fiona, Until she decides on a suitor it's forbidden for her to leave the mansion.
And so, just when I'm thinking what to do Fiona calls me to her room and says, "I'm leaving this house *grin*".

Ahhhh what should I dooooo! I don't have the time to sit here holding my head.

There's nothing else I can do here.
The fact is, for Fiona's sake I must do whatever it takes to deceive everyone and let Fiona escape!

(Translated from the official site)


2008-05-10All agesPalmarosa

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