Edit history of PRETTY x CATION 2

v16340.272022-06-24 at 08:55Marc402PRETTY x CATION 2grammar
v16340.262022-02-25 at 20:02Marc402PRETTY x CATION 2one of the prettiest CGs in the game, replaced generic CG
v16340.252022-02-25 at 12:56Marc402PRETTY x CATION 2alias
v16340.242022-02-20 at 22:12NiniusPRETTY x CATION 2cap
v16340.232020-03-31 at 08:20SeaBedPretty x Cation 2title ref
v16340.222017-10-25 at 04:04multiPretty x Cation 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v20406.18
v16340.212017-10-17 at 16:03multiPretty x Cation 2Reverse relation update caused by revision v20406.14
v16340.202016-08-31 at 08:42ShinnewPretty x Cation 2Anime.
v16340.192016-05-06 at 17:10traumatizerPretty x Cation 2staff notes, alias fix
v16340.182015-10-28 at 21:49varioPretty x Cation 2scenario
v16340.172015-07-14 at 16:22traumatizerPretty x Cation 2+3
v16340.162015-06-18 at 02:42anonymousPretty x Cation 2Changed the stranger's quote in the Description to a more interesting one that the stranger said. Changed "Then all you have to do is change yourself
v16340.152015-06-08 at 09:27traumatizerPretty x Cation 2staff
v16340.142015-05-01 at 08:57klutchPretty x Cation 2lovely shot + walk chitose best girl
v16340.132015-04-28 at 23:26klutchPretty x Cation 2oddly short compared to other pxc and lxc games. 12:03h
v16340.122015-03-23 at 18:19klutchPretty x Cation 2art
v16340.112015-03-22 at 08:56klutchPretty x Cation 2for consistency
v16340.102015-03-22 at 08:53klutchPretty x Cation 2summary
v16340.92015-03-21 at 20:35klutchPretty x Cation 2cv
v16340.82015-03-20 at 04:25aeelisgekoPretty x Cation 2Trial screenies
v16340.72015-03-20 at 01:21aeelisgekoPretty x Cation 2Heroines cast, except one.
v16340.62015-02-23 at 05:03earthwormPretty x Cation 2cover
v16340.52014-12-28 at 16:01nananaPretty x Cation 2img
v16340.42014-11-22 at 16:16nananaPretty x Cation 2alias
v16340.32014-11-21 at 11:16earthwormPretty x Cation 2alias
v16340.22014-11-21 at 06:56nananaPretty x Cation 2hue
v16340.12014-11-19 at 10:47nananaPretty x Cation 2vn