Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai

みちのく秘湯恋物語 kai

Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai
TitleMichinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai
Original titleみちのく秘湯恋物語 kai
Publishers FOG
Bishoujo Hanafuda Kikou Michinoku Hit...


Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari Kai is the "sequel" or better said is an updated version to Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari that was a mix between a first person adventure game and a hanafuda game that tells the story of a young photographer that travels around the northeast part of Japan playing hanafuda games and taking pictures of the places that he visit. In this "sequel" the game features hints to help the player win in the hanafuda games.

During his journeys he will meet different girls and to take pictures of them he will have to defeat them in the hanafuda card games.

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1999-12-22  Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari KaiNon-freeCommercial1 CD
2007-09-2715+    Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai - PSN EditionNon-freeCommercialInternet download  

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    Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai - PSN Edition

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