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Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama ~Go to the top~

新テニスの王子様 ~Go to the top~

TitleShin Tennis no Ouji-sama ~Go to the top~
Original title新テニスの王子様 ~Go to the top~
AliasesNew Prince of Tennis ~Go to the top~
DeveloperVridge Inc.
PublishersFuRyu Corporation
Same setting
Tennis no Ouji-sama Dokidoki Survival...
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Tennis no Ouji-sama (TV Series, 2001)


The setting of this story is also the same as the anime, "Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama": The Japanese U-17 (under 17) High School Representatives Selection Camp.

The protagonist is a certain publisher's rookie female reporter.
Not having a clue as to what's what, she gets selected to become an interviewer for a project.

As for this "project"...
The project, "New-Generation Players Grand Prix", will involve 30 of the U-17 Japanese Representative Player Candidates fighting for the #1 spot in both name and substance. Within a limited time frame of 7 days, the reporter is to completely cover and collect information of the players and publish it as an online article. The #1 player will then be selected by the readers' votes.

After a series of various events and interacting with the players' "true selves", the protagonist grows closer to the players. Depending on the level of completeness of your everyday reports you upload, the level of attention the players receive fluctuates and changes on a daily basis, as does their ranking. Towards the conclusion of the reporting period, on the final day, who will be recognized as the #1 player?

And what will their relationship with you be?

...Your 7 days with the representative cadets will now begin!

[Translation of the official website plot summary.]


2015-03-05All agesShin Tennis no Ouji-sama ~Go to the top~ Package Edition
2015-03-05All agesShin Tennis no Ouji-sama ~Go to the top~ Download Edition


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Main characterAkutagawa Jirou
              Voiced by Ueda Yuuji
              Main characterAtobe Keigo
              Voiced by Suwabe Jun'ichi
              Main characterChitose Senri
              Voiced by Oosuka Jun
              Main characterEchizen Ryouma
              Voiced by Minagawa Junko
              Main characterFuji Shuusuke
              Voiced by Kaida Yuki
              Main characterHirakoba Rin
              Main characterHiyoshi Wakashi
              Voiced by Iwasaki Masami
              Main characterInui Sadaharu
              Voiced by Tsuda Kenjirou
              Main characterKaidou Kaoru
              Voiced by Kiyasu Kouhei
              Main characterKai Yuujirou
              Main characterKikumaru Eiji
              Main characterKirihara Akaya
              Main characterKite Eishirou
              Main characterMarui Bunta
              Main characterMomoshiro Takeshi
              Voiced by Onosaka Masaya
              Main characterMukahi Gakuto
              Main characterNiou Masaharu
              Voiced by Masuda Yuuki
              Main characterOoishi Shuuichirou
              Voiced by Kondou Takayuki
              Main characterOotori Choutarou
              Main characterOshitari Ken'ya
              Voiced by Fukuyama Jun
              Main characterOshitari Yuushi
              Voiced by Kiuchi Hidenobu
              Main characterSanada Gen'ichirou
              Voiced by Kusunoki Taiten
              Main characterShiraishi Kuranosuke
              Main characterShishido Ryou
              Main characterTezuka Kunimitsu
              Main characterTooyama Kintarou
              Voiced by Sugimoto Yuu
              Main characterYagyuu Hiroshi
              Voiced by Tsuda Eisuke
              Main characterYanagi Renji
              Voiced by Takemoto Eiji
              Main characterYukimura Seiichi
              Voiced by Nagai Sachiko
              Main characterZaizen Hikaru
              Voiced by Araki Hirofumi
              Side characterChinen Hiroshi
              Voiced by Sueyoshi Kazuya
              Side characterHitouji Yuuji
              Side characterIshida Gin
              Side characterJackal Kuwahara
              Voiced by Hiyama Nobuyuki
              Side characterKabaji Munehiro
              Side characterKawamura Takashi
              Voiced by Kawamoto Naru
              Side characterKonjiki Koharu
              Voiced by Naitou Ryou
              Side characterKurobe Yukio
              Voiced by Soze Kaiji
              Side characterTanishi Kei
              Voiced by Ueda Youji

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