Kimihane: Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi Suru Ikkagetsu

きみはね 彼女と彼女の恋する1ヶ月

TitleKimihane: Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi Suru Ikkagetsu
Original titleきみはね 彼女と彼女の恋する1ヶ月
AliasesKimihane Kanojo to Kanojo no Koisuru 1kagetsu
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBaseSon Light
Publishers BaseSon Light
 Nord Bericket
 Baiyi Hanhuazu
Kimihane Couples ~Kanojo to Kanojo no...
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Hina, Rin and Fumi are new roommates at Seiba Girls’ School. Even though they had different personalities and upbringings, they had one thing in common: they recall seeing an angel when they were small. They each suspected that one of the other girls was actually an angel.

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