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Satomi Hakkenden Murasamemaru no Ki

里見八犬伝 村雨丸之記

TitleSatomi Hakkenden Murasamemaru no Ki
Original title里見八犬伝 村雨丸之記
Satomi Hakkenden Hamaji Hime no Ki


"What will the bewitched sword respond to? To justice or to love?"

It was a time during an age of war.

A great ordeal fell upon the Hakkenshi warriors working for the Satomi clan.
Starting with the abduction of Satomi Yoshinari's son, Yoshimichi, baffling incidents began to break out one after the next during the time they were to finally and inevitably settle the score with Tamazusa...

Will they be able to rescue Awa from bring sucked into the vortex of chaos and restore peace?

"It looks like it's goodbye..."

[Translation of the official website story summary]